Our Core Values  

The LACOVID Network is a community response, and builds on the positive spirit in Long Ashton. It is for everyone and recognises the diversity and strengths of the village. We need to ensure that the help that we offer doesn’t inadvertently put our residents or volunteers at risk. We have identified key risks that we need to mitigate and, based on this, the decisions that we make and our working practices will be guided by our principles 

Our Principles  

Our processes and working methods will be designed to ensure that residents are not put at additional health risks associated with the virus or by failure to adhere to good food hygiene and health and safety practices. 
Our processes and working methods will be designed to ensure that our volunteers are not put at an unreasonable additional health risk associated with the virus. 
Neither residents nor volunteers should be put at financial risk due to their participation in this project. 
All relevant regulatory requirements will be adhered to and all of our financial transactions and agreements with local businesses will be fully documented and subject to audit. 
Our processes and working methods will be developed in a way that minimises the risk of crime or exploitation of vulnerable people. 
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