Thank you to...  

The Network is a successful collaboration of a multitude of volunteers throughout Long Ashton and a core team of people who manage day-to-day operations and share specific skills to help deliver support to all. Massive thanks to: 
Juliet Anderson 
Sian Andrews 
Beth Ansell 
Elizabeth Arrowsmith 
Chris Baker 
Brie Barnacle 
Suzy Barnes 
Karen Barratt 
Sarah Bartlett 
Anna Bassett 
Emma Bassett 
Zoe Beavis 
David Bolton (Shopping team) 
Kate Bolton (Network Joint Leader and CIC Director, Community Communications and Volunteers Interface Coordinator) 
Sarah Bond 
Gail Born 
Lauren Bowers 
Verity Bowyer Admin team 
Stacey Bramhall 
Lucy Britton 
Tara Broad Shopping team 
Susan Brooksbank 
Claire Burns 
Sarah Burton 
Stuart Chapman (Shopping team) 
Sarah Child 
Claire Chipperfield 
Heather Clark 
Luke Cobley 
Becky Coombe 
Bex Davey 
Caroline Davies 
Sophie Davies 
Rachel Dibben 
Claire Drewett 
Lucy Ducker 
Stacey Emiliou 
Rachel Evans 
James Ewen (Shopping team) 
Cathy Fagg 
Andy Fagg 
Claire Fearon 
Jonathan Frank (Pharmacy team) 
Lydia French 
Nicola Gibbs 
Nicola Good 
Meg Gould 
Gemma Graham 
Annabel Granger 
Jenny Green (Animal Team Coordinator) 
Stan Gruncell 
Alison Hall 
Tony Halligan 
Jo Heinrich 
Ann Hodgetts 
Laura Humphreys 
Moira Hunt (Pharmacy Team Coordinator) 
Gemma Hurley 
Kathryn Jackson (Triage and Administration Coordinator) 
Phil Jackson (Network Joint Leader and CIC Director) 
Colin James (External Organisation Interface Coordinator and CIC Director) 
Shanaz James 
Liz Jones 
William Jones 
Chris Kaboutian 
Elisa Kay (Children and Young People Coordinator) 
Maggie Keech 
Angela King 
Tanya Kite 
Keren Knighton 
Lee Knighton 
Rachel Ladds 
Tilly Latimer 
Matt Leathwood 
Esther Lee 
Sarah Leong 
Nicola Lewis 
Ceri Lumb 
Andy Marsh 
Celia Marshall 
Tracey McAlinden 
Ruth McAllister (Communications Coordinator) 
Julie McCarthy 
Ann-Marie McElhinney 
Julia McIntyre 
Isabella Middleditch 
David Milne (Finance Coordinator) 
Catherine Milne (Triage team) 
Leonie Milne 
Kate Moody 
Andi Moore 
Lara Morawiec 
Cathy Murphy (Tech team) 
Kim Norris 
Jackie Oxley 
Jennie Papps (Wellbeing team) 
Anna Pasco 
Joe Pegg (Technology Coordinator and CIC Director) 
Suzy Perry 
Kayt Peters 
Kia Pettifer 
Alice Peycke 
Sophie Poole 
Susie Potts 
Nikki Prescott 
Lee Probert 
Becky Ray 
Nina Reed 
Fiona Ridley 
Sarah Robbins (Processes Coordinator) 
Sarah Roberts 
Bill Roberts 
Sasha Robinson 
Kate Robson 
Becky Rock-Evans 
Karen Samad 
Sandra Satterly 
Cait Sellars (Financial Impact Support Coordinator, Groceries Coordinator and CIC Director) 
Tracey Sharma 
Abbey Sharma 
Tilly Shaw 
Richard Shepherd 
Danielle Sinclair 
Christine Sluman 
Sarah Smith (Community Communications and Volunteers Interface Coordinator) 
Sam Spears 
Lizzie Steward 
Peter Steward 
Megan Stobbart 
Matt Stock 
Clare Stoodley 
Helen Strachan 
Rebecca Sutcliffe 
Nick Tanner 
Valerie Thatcher 
Molly Thompson 
Craig Tindall 
Rachel Tomlinson 
Melanie Trezona 
Marvin Tuckey 
Karla Turner 
Kristina Turner 
Jo Vansittart 
Sophie Venn-Russell 
Gwen Vonthron 
Peter Wakely 
Nicola Walker 
Adam Wannell 
Nikki Warwick 
Ailsa Webster 
Louise Whitaker 
Stuart Whitfield 
Debbie Wilkinson 
Robert (Bob) Willats 
Cate Willats 
Val Williams (Wellbeing Coordinator) 
Rebecca Wingrave (Wellbeing Coordinator) 
May Wong 
Kathy Wright 
Tina Wright 
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